Rice Trays


  • Uniquely Steam Filtered for fluffiness
  • Just 60 seconds cook time, microwave or stir fry
  • Veetee trays are widely recycled

Veetee microwave rice trays are miraculous. From our 10-stage filtering process ensuring we use only the finest quality grains, to our unique steam filtered™ manufacturing giving you the confidence of convenient, perfectly fluffy rice every time.

Our bouncy Basmati uses a very long grain cultivated in the foothills of the Himalayas. With a mouthwateringly fragrant flavour and aroma, it quickly commands centre of plate amongst Indian dishes.

Whether you're preparing a scratch-cooked masterpiece or raiding the cupboard for a quick and tasty work-from-home snack, there's a delicious Veetee tray for you.

Steamed Rice (Water, Basmati Rice) (97%), Sunflower Oil, Acidity Regulator: Glucono Delta Lactone, Salt.

For best results microwave:

1. Pierce film several times, microwave on full power CAT E – 800W for 2 minutes. Microwave ovens vary, adjust cooking time accordingly.
2. Peel back film, fluff in the tray & check the product is hot before serving.

Stir-fry method:

1. Add a little vegetable oil to a wok and heat.
2. Peel film back halfway. Add the rice to the hot wok and break up.
3. Check the product is hot before serving. Do not re-heat.

Steamed, Not Boiled
Tasty Goodness
Over 5 Varieties
Perfectly Fluffy Rice
Recyclable Tray Gluten Free Perfectly fluffy rice in just 2 minutes
Recyclable Tray Gluten Free Perfectly fluffy rice in just 2 minutes